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Design Management courses

Design management & Entrepreneurship (Bachelor/Master)

What is Design management & Entrepreneurship?
Design is a universal concept, plays an important role across all fields, such as architecture, advertising, art, Information Technology, and medicine. Therefore we need management of design professionally and this discipline is applied across various such sectors to help promote brands and products, to bring in efficiency in any business practice.

Green Building Management

What is Green Building Management?
The building sector in India is growing at a rapid pace and this augurs well for the country and now there is an imminent need to introduce green concepts and techniques in this sector, which can aid growth in a sustainable manner. Green building energy management solutions can significantly improve the energy-efficiency of commercial buildings, making them more affordable, comfortable, and sustainable.

Design Journalism

What is Design Journalism?
Architectural designing & planning, interior designing, landscape architecture etc. are a few disciplines integrated under the big banner Architecture. Drawing relationship between the exterior and interior, what goes well with which design element and what adds on to the aesthetics of the building has always been the task every other designer needs to satisfy.